Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10th

Today we are doing warm-up #23.  You can clean your notebook completely out, except for investigation 1.1,1.2  (math fever, sauna) ,  integer addition handout, and skill 1 handout.

We are working on lesson 1.4 in accentuate the negative workbook.

The homework is to complete ACE problems on pg.16, 1-30.  Students have 30 minutes in class to finish last night's homework,  pgs. 59,60,and 61 or they can begin their week-end homework.  Week-end homework is due Monday at the BEGINNING of class.  Week-end homework won't be accepted afterwards, unless you were absent.  You will need the workbook for this homework.  Make sure to bring it back Monday. 

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